It’s time to migrate your database!

Are you ready to take your organization to the future of donors database?

Free Database Migration Campaign

You can take part in our free database migration campaign if your organization is able to:

Provide data in CSV/XLS or SQL files for migration.

Plan your migration within a timeframe of 6 to 12 months.

Indicate a single project reference contact to coordinate activities.

The number of organizations that we will be able to migrate for free in 2019/2020 is limited.

Why choose Donodoo?

Native Integrations

with Mailing, Accounting, Business Intelligence, CMS and, via Zapier, a world of opportunities.

Predictive Analysis

thanks to the integrated support of a team of mathematicians dedicated to fundraising from Politecnico di Milano.

Data Import/Export

always included, independently from the file format and the number of columns to import.

Process Automation

for your organization, with workflows, logics and customized checks for your fundraising campaigns.

Pivot Table

and metrics always available without needing external tools or manual data extractions.

Segments with over 300 KPIs

to create your contact strategies and implement the sector’s best practices for campaigns and analysis.

Do you want to migrate your database?

If you want to participate to our free migration campaign please fill out the form that you will access clicking on this button. We will evaluate and reply to all applicants. The number of free migrations that we will be able to follow in 2019/2020 is limited and subject to confirmation by the organization.

Migration benefits...

Find out how we solved the problems Amnesty International was facing and that led them to consider migrating their donors database in the first place, and the benefits they received with Donodoo after the migration.


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