The donor database that automates processes

The best choice to manage your Donors focusing on them.

The complete management of the Donor’s Journey

Donodoo is designed to be the tool for regular Donor management. Donodoo makes the tracking of every and each activity of the Donor easy for all the departments of your organization. Select your target in real time with dynamic segments and filters!

Integration with your other tools

The Donor database is not a separated island, but the very center of the map of your fundraising system. Connect Donodoo with your Face2Face system or your favorite marketing automation tool.


Anything you couldn’t do with your Donor database is just one click ahead with Donodoo!


Build segments of similar people using Donor’s data and attitude to maximize your campaign’s ROI


Use our advanced trigger system to perform complex actions in a fast and easy way.

Data Reporting

Analyze the campaign’s performance, customize KPIs, make future decisions relying on data.

Finance Analytics

Aggregate financial data within Donodoo, populate and filter pivot tables in real time.


Connect preexisting tools to enrich your donor data and improve the campaign effectiveness.

Built for scale

The enterprise-level infrastructure manages large workloads without slowing down.

Data management

You have full access to the Donor’s data to aggregate and segment them, populating pivot tables in real time, to make better decisions based on the analysis of your organization data, completely independently from your IT department!

"Fundraising is not a matter of money, is a matter of relationship."

To improve the relationship with our donors, we need faster processes, greater efficiency, a Donor centered marketing approach. Donodoo meets all these needs.

– Laura Perrotta (Amnesty International Italia)