Know your donors, really.

Redefine donor support making them the center of your attention.


An application dedicated exclusively to Fundraising activities.

Including a complete and extensible personal record, donation management, campaigns, audience segmentation technologies, data import and export tools, automatic data quality logics.

Donor record

A donor records database represents, obviously, the heart of fundraising, and is surely the first step to take in an operational optimization process.


Donodoo tracks every type of donor, including both regular and one-off donors, identifying and enabling targeted contact points on regular donors with SDD or that are “self-committed” (spontaneous donations).


The potential of a segmentation system is what makes a difference in planning a fundraising campaigni. We developed over 300 types of filters that can be applied to the contact records present in the system.


The essence of fundraising is the creation of campaigns and so it’s essential to be able to manage all the campaigns, results, costs and impacts within the platform.

Data Quality

Maintaining a useful and effective data structure requires constant attention to the quality
of data entered. This process is carried out constantly with the application of stringent rules during data input.


Our system was designed to reduce the time spent on backoffice activities, repetitive data checks, reconciliation efforts and sending recurrent messages. Automation logics are customizable and reusable.


Tracking of received donations can take place using various channels, according to the Organization’s needs.

Postal Payment Slip

Management of postal payment slips is a necessary feature. The process follows an automated procedure to import transactions and, where possible, assign them.

Direct Debit Management

The system manages the automatic transactions on bank accounts creating SDD files automatically and importing bank flows directly.

Manual Import

It’s possible to manage manual CSV imports for all the channels the organization is using or imports of single donations directly on a web interface.

Credit Card

Automatic transactions from regular donors with credit card use a bank gateway. Donodoo natively works with: Gestpay, Paypal and Stripe.

1 to 1 relations

Contact activities carried out towards your supporters can be divided in two categories. Large campaigns to contact a great number of donors and relations that are managed on a one2one basis.

The second category is especially used for “Corporate”, “Legacies”, and “Major Donors” activities.


Just like any other CRM, the companies object of fundraising activities are identified, managing directly objectives and estimates.

Major Donors

Contacts are tracked in a dedicated area, with pipeline, estimates & KPIs; real time reporting give the team a better perception of the contacts that are being processed.


Legacies campaigns activities are managed through the description of a contact “funnel”.

As for legacies that have been finalized, after the agreement is reached and the contact process is closed, it’s possible to manage legacies data, including attachments and other personal customizable data (notary, heirs, bank, list and type of property, type of will, connected records).


Analysis and reporting are the beating heart of every fundraising activity. Thanks to accurate planning and analysis it’s possible to improve results exponentially.

That’s why Donodoo natively offers analysis tools such as dashboards and real time pivot tables and is connected to the predictive analysis system SmartAID.


Dashboards allow you to have an entire overview of the activities you’re managing with Donodoo, at a glance. Each user will be able to view a series of customized “widgets” that show previously selected data and KPIs.

Pivot tables

Internal reporting system that gives you the possibility of creating, in real time, pivot tables based on any measure. It is also always possible to show pie charts and diagrams.

SmartAID (predictive)

SmartAID is the Business Intelligence and predictive analysis solution integrated with Donodoo.

It offers a definite data analysis capability, strong campaign outcome and donor behavior prediction ability.

This solution was developed by the mathematicians at the Modeling and Scientific Computing department at Politecnico di Milano, first class consulting and training.

Operation of area

Specific applications are available for the management of specific fundraising channels such as Face2Face, Distance adoption or Membership. These applications work on the same common database so that donor records can be automatically updated.


The application makes available data regarding your face2face activities, including pre-debit and detailed customizable reporting to manage clawback processes with your agencies.

Donors area

A Donors Area is the place where donors can find all the information they need about their relationship with organizations.


For the management of gadgets, Inventory module is connected with orders, ecommerce, POS and dozens other features.

Distance adoption

Distance adoption is a complex process. It is possible to setup a specific type of adoption, to assign a recipient to one or more supporters, according to the choices organizations has made.


This application offers the possibility to gather all in one place all the members, roles and their validity.

Mass Mailing

Donodoo has an internal application, with templates, report area and the possibility to analyze the impact of each email.


Every integration, just like access and use of webservices, is maintained by the Donodoo team and doesn’t require additional fees to be activated.


Each Donodoo entity has dedicated documented APIs, that can be easily integrated by other technological partners.

MySigla (contabilità)

Donodoo can integrate, for accounting and bookkeeping, with MySigla software. This integration allows to insert donation directly using Donodoo, making the data automatically available in MySigla.

Woocommerce (E-Comm)

The WooCommerce connector can connect your Woocommerce store website with Donodoo synchronizing data and managing all your operations.


An automation tool that allows you to integrate more than 1000 applications without the need for coding or a development team.

Metaface (acquisizione)

An online platform that provides in the same workplace all the tools necessary for donor acquisition, from Face2Face with tablets to digital acquisition (with widget, check-out page, wordpress plugin).

Mailchimp (mailing)

Donodoo is natively integrated with Mailchimp, using to the fullest its segmentation capabilities directly within the mailing system.

Migration benefits...

Find out how we solved the problems Amnesty International was facing and that led them to consider migrating their donors database in the first place, and the benefits they received with Donodoo after the migration.


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