The donors database for process automation!

The best choice for managing your regular donors by making them the center of your attention.

Donor Relationship Management

Designed for Non Profit organizations: a tool developed to manage large quantities of personal records, accurately segment data, integrate information from the entire fundraising process.

The center of operations

Finally an ERP for non profit organizations. A unique environment, for the entire organization, with many applications in one database, to save time for your mission, what really matters.

Complete Donor Journey Management

Donodoo is designed to be the key point to your regular donors management.

Donodoo allows easy tracking of all activities on your regular donors by every department of your organization.

Put your donors front and center in your fundraising process!

Integrated with all your tools

A donors database is not an island, but the center of your fundraising system’s geographic map.

Connect your Face2Face system or your favorite marketing automation tool and, thanks to the native integration with Zapier, you have direct access to thousands of applications.

Every integration, just like access and use of webservices, is maintained by the Donodoo team and doesn’t require additional fees.

Direct access to your data

With Donodoo you will have direct access to your donors data, to aggregate, segment and represent it in pivot tables generated in real time, to help you make better decisions, based on your organization’s historical data.

Autonomous management of donations flow leads – additionally – to a direct income raise, thanks to an increased timeliness in donor relations.

Migration benefits...

Find out how we solved the problems Amnesty International was facing and that led them to consider migrating their donors database in the first place, and the benefits they received with Donodoo after the migration.


number of donations


number of donors


reactivated donors

The donors database you have always wanted!

All the things you can’t do with your donors database,
are now only a click away with Donodoo!


Create groups of similar people, using donor information or habits and optimizing campaigns ROI.


Use our evolved trigger system to carry out complex actions in a simple and quick way with workflow and job.

Data Reporting

Measure the progress of each campaign, customize KPIs and take your next decisions based on (real) data.

Finance Analytics

Aggregate your financial data directly within Donodoo, you will have filters and pivot tables constructed in real time, at your disposal.


Connect existing systems to enrich donors information and improve campaigns effectiveness.

Built for scale

The enterprise-grade infrastructure handles large workloads without slowing down.


We have the answers you’re looking for.

If you have questions about the product, our pricing, implementation, migration or any other topic concerning Donodoo, our experts are here to help you!